Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Snow

If you've ever lived through rough, long, dark winters, then you know the elation and exuberance one feels when spring arrives. In Fairbanks this happens to us all, every year, and often some of us over-zealous and sun-deprived Fairbanksans start gardens and put out hanging plants the first few days of May.... Then it freezes and snows again.. I took this picture of my -actual- backyard on May 5th. Yep, it snowed and of course it did so on the very same day I allowed Small Moose to wear shorts to school for the first time this season. Up until this day, we saw warm temperatures and lots of sun during the week. It hadn't snowed in weeks.....for that matter we hardly had any snow all winter, it's been unusually dry.

Then, the next morning we woke up, and it was so warm that all the rooftops were evaporating the accumulated moisture. It was very pretty, and very warm that day.

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