Sunday, March 18, 2012


Small Fish at the Louvre
Two weeks ago we drove to Paris, a mere 5 hour-drive to spend a few days with relatives in Versailles.  This being the first time for J and the young ones, we made all the touristy stops we possibly could in three days.  This included climbing the Eiffel Tower, visiting the Notre Dame, the Louvre and the Palace of Versailles and taking a scenic boat tour on the Seine. We also spent 1.5 hurried days in Disneyland-Paris (a first for our children).   No matter how many times I visit Paris, it is always like the first time.  The presence of the tower amazes me each time I catch a glimpse of it on the city horizon, and I feel so small when I stand beneath it.  I love coming to the Louvre, and walking along the Seine.  The only exception to this love affair would be Paris driving.  It is a state of mind I can't seem to get into.

At the Palace of Versailles
Since pictures speak a thousand words, and because expat life can be utterly exhausting, I will leave you with plenty of images but few words.  By the way there are machine-gun-clad patrols not only at the Eiffel Tower, but outside Disneyland also.  This was a strange sight.  The other curiosity for me was the car elevator that provides access to the underground garage of my cousin's loft apartment in Versailles.  Either this is a genuinely clever, space-saving invention or I am too easily impressed.  It was so much fun indeed that I posted a video of the car elevator here.  For another, more typical flavor of Paris, you can view a street artist playing the cello at the courtyard of the Louvre.  And finally, to hear a beautiful hymn from the mass at Notre Dame we happened upon, click here.

I hope you enjoy these Parisian postcards from us.

Versailles morning

A noble statue, Versailles

Inside the Hall of Mirrors

Big Moose with a lunch of foie gras, Palace of Versailles

Royal hot chocolate 

Notre Dame
Our hosts

Big Fish shopping on the Seine 


The star of the Louvre

XVI. century Italian art on a grand scale

Small Moose and the City of Lights

Montmartre cafe


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