Thursday, July 11, 2013

When my signifiant other stands on the porch, vacuuming mosquitos with a hose attachment

...then I know this mosquito season is truly horrible.  J has gone mad.  He started his quest in a sitting position, spending a good 30 minutes on our front porch fiercely wielding a tube sucking up bugs.  Once satisfied, he stood up and held his position -vacuum off, tube laid across his chest- intermittently turning on the machine to slay any lingering specimen.  It is at once amusing and so King of the Hill-esque.  I'm trying to figure out whether J is channelling Hank or Dale.  Or Don Quijote perhaps?
That's Alaska and its mosquitos for you.

But hey, we made it through another winter.

winter solstice

Recently I even got a little Europe-fix with a one week trip to Sweden.  It was for work, but it was oh so good.  I enjoyed that Scandinavian feel that oozed from everything around me.  I got a kick out of the weights by my bed in the hotel for example with the workout DVD.  

Tourist by the Vindeln river

And ladies and gentleman, J is done battling the bugs..for now.  And I'm afraid the bugs won.


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