Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chena River Run 2010

Here are some pictures of the 5 km 2010 Chena River Run. We participated with some dear friends of ours and had tons of fun....walking it. Given that we participated with a total of 9 children between the two families (ages ranging from 1 to 13), running was out of the question. Well that, and maybe a little due to the fact that I walked with coffee in hand, unwilling to spill even one precious drop. So there was lots of walking, maybe a pee-in-the-woods break or two, and I think we came in absolute last. We had a two-seater stroller that came in handy, but there were many combinations of kids sitting in strollers, kids getting out, kids walking, kids getting in, kids getting pigyback rides took 1 hour and 5 minutes for us all to finish. The volunteers at the finish line were just starting to pack things up, and indeed commented on how "We usually only wait 1 hour, you're lucky we're still here." We stood out from the crowd of spandex-clad, mp3-in ears, stretching-warming up, and turning around at the finish line to run back to the start, die-hard runners for sure. Maybe someday we'll be one of them.

Here are J and Small Fish in the Finish line,
Big Moose is on the far right.

And here is Small Moose and his very serious runner's face, with his best friend behind him.

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