Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Sad Meal"

In our town we have a certain fast food restaurant (let's call it the McPlace that sells McHappy Meals) whose unhappy neighbor hung an effigy of it's beloved mascot McClown in protest. We avoid eating at McPlace at nearly all cost, less as a political statement and more to avoid suffering from a McStomach (you know the McBurps and McGurgles) but last week, coming home after a backyard BBQ with friends, and unable to resist the siren call of a McHot Fudge Sundae we pulled into the drive-through of this certain McPlace. McClown could be seen dangling high atop the fence as always. Gotta love Fairbanks.

After settling for fruity parfaits, because the McIce Cream Machine was McBroken, Small Moose asked: "What's in a Sad Meal?"

Oh, I love my children so much!

Maybe a Sad Meal is McClown's last before he is lynched. I'm not sure if this had anything to do with Small Moose being in a dark mood, nevertheless his question was priceless. Here is a picture of our Sad McClown. It was taken in the winter, and is harder to see due to his snow cap. But there he is in his yellow jacket, just over the fence.

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