Sunday, December 1, 2013

Small Moose, Big Spirit

Small Moose and J recently returned from our usual annual(ish) trip to visit Dr. Hanel in Seattle.  Here he is in the doctor's office with Dr. Hanel:
This visit is a regular followup for his hand surgery he had when he was just 11months old.  Small Moose came into this world missing his right thumb (completely absent, just missed the bus) and with a right arm that does not straighten at the elbow (he can bend it toward himself, but otherwise always positioned at a 90 degree angle).  The surgery performed by Dr. Hanel gave Small Moose a thumb via pollicization of his right index finger.  In other words, his index finger migrated to become his thumb.  He loves his thumb, it feels and acts just like one, and you would not believe the grip this kid has with his little hand.

Small Moose started hockey last year and fell in love with the game.  He gets upset if he ever has to miss a practice, even when he is sick.  He has become quite good at it in a very short amount of time.  I want to pay tribute to my Small Moose and his favorite sport with this montage recorded at yesterday's game.  Nine fingers or not, he has a steady hold on that stick and is rockin' this game!  He is blue #19, red shorts.  Way to go, kiddo!  And hats off to Dr. Hanel!

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