Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Postcard from Alaska

Dear Blog, 

Alaskan Autumn Sunset
I haven't seen you for so long!   Come to think of it, it has been way to long.  To put the lapse in time into perspective:


  •  This Swiss Story has come to an end
  • We returned to Alaska once again to continue our adventures and our blog from This Alaskan Backyard
  • the 2012 Olympic Games came and went, 
  • Lance Armstrong has been stripped from all his Tour de France titles
  • the 2012 presidential campaign wrapped up 
  • and the election concluded 

Small Fish in Autumn

Hey blog, I have thought of you often.  We have so much to share once more.  We spent the whole summer in Anchorage, slowly adjusting to life up North.  We are back in Fairbanks now.  Big Moose and Small Moose are loving hockey.  Small Fish is crazy about sheep (random fact).  And Big Fish has become a thespian.

Switzerland was wonderful to us.  We are still buzzing from the millions of flashbacks from our travels.  Then again it is wonderful to be back home as well.  

As the year comes to an end. we are beginning to reflect on all these transitions.

Small Moose above the Tanana Valley, Alaska
Thank you Switzerland for all the good times.  

Thank you to our families for all the help and encouragement given.  

Thank you Alaska for accepting us back into your loving arms.  

We are grateful, and ready for 2013.  

Dear Blog, consider yourself resuscitated.

Big Moose and Small Moose in Arles, France

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