Saturday, October 1, 2011

Zermatt, Chillon, CERN: Time travel in three days (Part 1)

As September 19th was a federal holiday here in Suisse, we enjoyed a long weekend.  We decided to not waste a second of it, and planned 3 eventful days of autumn fun.  Right off the bat, we had to change our plan to watch the Sion air show, due to intense rain fall and fog on Saturday.  No big deal we thought, and we headed into the mountains instead to get above the clouds in Zermatt.  Zermatt is a quaint, cute quintessential Swiss village, most notable for being the base for viewing the Matterhorn and for visiting / skiing nearby peaks.

Fooling mother nature was not quite as simple as that.  We parked in Täsch as usual -well I say this because the kids and I visited Zermatt in August and did so,  and took the 10 minute train ride to Zermatt.  This journey just brought us closer to the rain clouds, but not above them.  So A) we could not view Matterhorn, B) the weather alternated between drizzle and torrential downpour.  They say Zermatt has approx. 300 sunny days a year, this was not one of them.  We kept our good spirits however.
J and Small Moose on the Zermatt train

In Zermatt
We went back to Forest Fun Park where the children ziplined and tree climbed in August in scorching hot weather.  Today they repeated the same activities in the rain.  All part of their rigid Ninja training schedule we keep.
Big Moose overcoming obstacles

Big Fish tethered

Downtown, we literally walked into the middle of an amazing performance of Mozart's Requiem, called Hark! Requiem Reloaded.  At first we thought it was a flash mob with umbrellas.  It was a truly moving performance.
Here are some sunny shots from August to give you a better idea of what it is like in Zermatt on better days:
Matterhorn in background

Small Moose navigating the treetops, Matterhorn below him

Big Moose enjoying bratwurst from a street vendor
We arrived back in Lausanne late at night, tired, wet but happy, ready for the next big thing.   

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