Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Santa is kicking back: Summer in North Pole

The inside scoop on Santa: we paid him a visit in North Pole (check out my previous post for more info on Santa's town) to see what he is up to during the summer season.  We were practically his only visitors, so he paid us lots of attention.  We found out that he loves to travel; in fact Mrs. Santa is dreaming about a European tour and riding the Orient Express sometime soon.  Mosquitoes are not bothering him (well of course not, no naughty 'squito dares to mess with the Big Nick) and he loves forty below.  Now you know.

Santa was casual and funny.  Small Moose and Big Moose had tons of fun with him.  And no, he is not strangling Small Moose despite's just a little move of his called Polar Headlock :)

Santa Claus House.  North Pole, Alaska

Rose hips were in full bloom in Santa's garden

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