Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer Kick-off 2011

The birch trees are gracefully turning vivid green with new leaves:

The sun is still out at 11 pm:

We are once again able to marvel at the beauty of our valley without the need for heavy protective gear:
Tomorrow we are heading South to Homer on the Kenai Peninsula for a one-week RV road trip.  

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I am busy cleaning and packing, and feeling a little bit behind.  Small Moose's name day yesterday, and the cake he requested for the occasion set me back many hours -seriously.  This gelatin-laden, 5 layer cake took me 5 hours to achieve, during which time I swore silently that I would never, ever let my kids choose some random cake off the cover of a cook book.  But then, once done, I was ready to do it all over again when I saw the smile on Small Moose's face:

 So we're off on our trip, ready to see Awesome Alaska (Big Moose is thrilled that we will be driving past 4 volcanoes: Mt. Spurr, Mt. Redoubt, Mt. Iliamna, and Mt. St. Augustine).  We'll be back with lots of pictures.  Until then: Happy Summer to you all!

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