Monday, March 7, 2011

The flu

Photographer: Sebastian Kaulitzki | Agency:
We are sick with the flu.  Well, most of us are to include myself, Little Fish, Little Moose and Big Moose.  I haven't been sick for years, but oh boy do I feel awful right now.  This bug is giving me a smorgasbord of body aches, fever, chills, headache, achy lungs, cough and perhaps the most annoying: a stiff neck.  I can't sleep at night.  The children are in the same boat and I am having a hard time being the caretaker, nurse they need me to be.  In other words: we are in survival mode and the kitchen remodel came to a grinding halt.

On a lighter and much more fun note: stay tuned for my Alaskana gift giving to come shortly ( I am aiming for this weekend for a start date) where you can sign up to win cool Alaskan souvenirs :)

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