Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Talented Big Fish

...has been very busy lately. She loves graphic design. She loves to write. She creates with fierce energy for hours on end, day in and out. Her characters come to life in the digital realm at the strokes of her digi-pen, obeying the drumbeat of her imagination. Her finger tips cast sparks as they move about on the keyboard channeling the stories of her mind. She makes comic books and drawings of all sorts.

Art truly has become a passion for her this past year. She'd draw 4-5 hours each day if it weren't for my well-meaning interventions. "Look at your posture child, move to your desk please" or "your eyes need a break" or "homework,anyone?" Although I love seeing her immersed in creative work, watching proudly as she comes into her own, as she hones her skills...I try to keep her from being plugged in so much of the time. Oh, but to keep her from her art! (*sigh*)

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