Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh, Alaska!

A conference I attended recently brought me to Anchorage, and J and I decided to take the whole family and made a road trip out of it. Driving through the Alaska Range is always breathtaking. Here is a sample of what it looks like just outside of Denali National Park. This was taken on the way back home, as we are driving from Anchorage up north, about to reach the small town of Cantwell just outside Park borders (find Cantwell on the Google map below). The video quality is not great because I compressed it a lot for internet use.

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When we stopped at the Cantwell gas station, I snapped a picture of this ad. It is SO Alaskan.

Here is Big Moose in Denali Park at the Crow's Nest restaurant.

And here is the wildest moose of all, our very own Small Moose:

Big Fish has been the quiet, reserved type lately, but I managed to snap a few pictures of her.

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  1. Köszönöm, hogy megosztottad a történeted!
    Szívesen olvasnék még többet az alaszkai életről!



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